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DGplex is A cybersecurity solutions
creator and assessor

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Why choose DGplex?

DGplex is an Australian owned and sovereign highly specialised cybersecurity company.

We are a team of experienced security professionals with NV1 clearances or above backed by a specialised group of partners.

Our services meet the needs of all types and sizes of clients - from small startups to large organisations - and deliver lasting changes with measurable growth.

Please get in touch with us today to learn how DGplex can help your future success.

Our proud partners

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Because DGplex can

Whether it is a one-time engagement, or as a "trusted-partner" arrangement on a collaborative security journey, DGplex will be there to support you.

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Would you like to know more? please contact us.

Please contact us to discuss your business needs today

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1300 120 461

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