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Cyber Defense

​backed by a Team of cybersecurity patriots with decades of industry experience, DGplex can support your business challenges and provide expertise, assurance and implementation services  

Security Incident and
Event Management
(SIEM) Monitoring

Our industry leading SIEM solution combine security information management, security event management and end-user behavioural analytics UBA) to provide you with real-time analysis of security alerts generated by applications and network devices. We avoid false positives and identify true threats with advanced machine learning capabilities.​

Fully managed endpoint security redefined –  The solution uses AI technology to prevent attacks early on in the MITRE ATT&CK life cycle before they can damage your network, devices, or organisation’s reputation. No outdated signature-based detection.

End-Point Protection
Threat Intelligence

Proactively hunt new threats – Our Threat Intelligence services detect, investigates and stops threats before they become costly data breaches. Our services give you visibility into the clear, deep and dark web and how attackers are planning to exploit your systems and people.

Security automation can help you improve your response times – reduce the risk of exposure and maintain consistent process across all of your security solutions. Choose from fully automated playbook actions or semi-automated, approval-based response actions.

security ORCHESTRATION, automation & response (SOAR)

Cyber Security Incident Response

With decades of experience on the front-lines managing cyber security incidents, we've been able to fine tune our methodology to be succinct, effective and efficient whilst also complying with NIST, ISO 27002 and ACSC ISM.

 If you're in need of a new or revised Incident Response Plan that can keep up-to-date with emerging threats, allow us to assess or build you 

Incident Response Framework

Incident Response Plan

Incident Response Policy

Incident Response Playbooks

Threats keep evolving and your playbooks should too. If you are looking for real-word playbooks then contact us in the delivery and training of staff from our best in class inventory.
Some common requests we see include:

IR Policy

IR Framework

IR plan

Common Playbooks

Custom Playbooks

Tabletop Exercises

Would you like to know more? please contact us.

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