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Cyber Assurance

DGplex offers you risk based


continuous real time assurance


ACSC Essential Eight Assessment

Cybersecurity basics are the foundations to creating a solid base and secure work environment.  With large complex networks and the ongoing push towards cloud computing and cloud services, many controls and security mechanisms are inherited, and the cybersecurity basics can sometimes become neglected,

leaving holes in your corporate network.
Let DGplex specialists assess your corporate network and assess the maturity across Applications, Patching, Macros, Operating Systems, and Applications, Multi-Factor Authentication and Backups.

At the end of the engagement we provide you with a comprehensive Essential 8 compliance report, including mitigation strategies and real-world technology advice.

ACSC  Top 37 Assessment

Despite the recent push from the Government for Essential Eight compliance, (which is a great initiative in today’s threat landscape), Cyber Security is much bigger and broader than Microsoft centric controls and the Essential Eight.

Juxtaposing the Essential Eight against the ACSC Information Security Manual (ISM) leaves a lot of daylight in resource, time, budget and effort.

That’s why we prefer to offer the ACSC Strategies to Mitigate Cyber Security Incidents review, or Top 37 for short. It provides a broad but compact view of your technology environment's security posture, allowing for cross sectional triage across: Security Effectiveness, User Resistance, Costs, Risk Owners, Control Owners, Current Risks, Residual Risks and Treatment Strategies.

Let DGplex specialists assess your corporate network and provide you with a Top 37 compliance report, mitigation strategies and real-world technology advice.

Vulnerability Management

Our Vulnerability Management Services can help you go beyond just scanning – We can help you define key risk areas, analyse scan results with manual validation, customise reporting for clear visibility, and help orchestrate remediation activities.​

DGplex can perform ad-hoc or regular vulnerability scanning of your environment using industry standard vulnerability scanning software.

We provide guidance on how to take a prioritised approach to vulnerability resolution and will ensure that the issues that attackers are most likely to use will be resolved first.

Cloud Platform Monitoring

Cloud Security Posture Management

Achieve continuous security and compliance and prevent misconfigurations through unified visibility and monitoring and real-time automated remediation.

Cloud Workload Protection

Secure configurations and workloads through automated cloud security and vulnerability management across dynamic cloud environments.

Cloud Identity and Access Management

Manage identity and effective access across ephemeral resources, at scale.

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