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Cyber Security Services

With decades of experience on the frontlines of cyber security offence,
defence, and consulting, DGplex can offer the following professional services at a fixed rate to stop-gap your cyber security needs.

Business Plan
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Cyber Defense 

Using the latest in high technology solutions on automation, AI and search algorithms combined with decades of experience providing world class Cybersecurity Operations Centre (SOC) services and support, we've created the ideal and core services to meet your security needs to protect your business.

Cyber Assurance

Employing Australian Government best practice like the ACSC Essential Eight and the ACSC Top 37 with industry leading vulnerability scanning and cloud monitoring products to provide you risk based and real-time protection.

collage of hacker hand in black glove using laptop to hacking system with binary code in s

Backed by a team of experienced professionals,
our services meet the needs of
all types and sizes of clients -
from small start ups to large organisations -
and deliver lasting changes with measurable growth.

Would you like to know more? please contact us.

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1300 120 461

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